The Power Of Persistence

Rock Split By Tree

The picture above is from a backpacking trip along the Ozark Highlands Trail in March of 2019. The large boulder had sheared off a cliff and settled on the valley floor far below. We were all thankful we were not there when it fell!

At some point, a small seed found its way into a crack in the rock. Eventually a sapling sprouted and began its relentless effort to find sunlight.  As the sapling matured into a tree, it split the massive boulder in half.

As I stood looking at this incomprehensible feat of strength, the only word that came to mind was persistence. For years this small tree had been persistent, struggling to find nutrients and sunlight in the small crack.
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Solo or So Many – Which Hike Is Best For You?

Solo or Group - picture of people hiking

Solo or with a group, what’s your preference for a backpacking trip? The obvious answer is, “Either way you are out hiking!” But there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

I. Group Hiking

Benefits of a group hike:
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God’s Blessings Are Hard To See With Gum Stuck In Your Hair!

Girl Blowing Gum - Blessings

God’s blessings are hard to see when you wake up with gum stuck in your hair! That’s (kind of) how the book, Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, begins!

Have you ever had a day when it seemed like even your dog hates you?

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