IT is Greater than IF

Temptation in the Wilderness

Have you faced temptation this week?

Please take the time to read Matthew 4:1-11

One of my favorite sayings is, the best part of temptation is giving into it!

The problem is, when we accept the promises of temptation, we become obligated to the consequences of sin.

God’s Word commands to resist, and flee temptation, and we are blessed that what God commands He instructs.

Matthew 4:3 says, the tempter came to Him.

One thing we can count on is the presence of the tempter in our lives. We get the idea we can gain a level of spiritual achievement exempts us from temptation.

Satan did not hesitate to tempt the Son of God, so why would we ever think we are immune?

Three areas we are vulnerable to temptation.

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Is It Time For You To Pull The Plug On The Old You?

Pull The Plug On Sin - Flatline

We all have sin in our life that we are keeping on life support. A habit, a temptation an addiction, that we need to pull the plug on.

We read in Romans 6:6-7 that Christ, through His sacrifice on the cross, put to death our old body of sin.

When we asked Jesus to save us, we were made totally new. The old us was put to death, we became a new creature in Christ freed from the bondage of sin.

But immediately a battle began to take place. While are a new creature, we still desire what the body put to death has to offer. So we put that body on life support.
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